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Nae Fear

This topic introduces you to effective ways of building resilience. We begin by understanding the effects our life experiences have on us. We explore the teenage brain and how we can all build new strengths and abilities to help us overcome the bumps we meet on life's journey, without any need to turn to a knife for protection.



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Nae Fear - The Teenage Brain

This topic covers a range of resilience building techniques that seek to open up new ways of seeing ourselves and the world around us. We explore the roots of Scotland's 'hard-man' type of territorial gang violence that starts off as ways to deal with boredom and ends up filling us up with fear and dread.


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Nae Fear - Brain Teaser

A quiz to check what you've discovered about the teenage brain.

Each quiz lets you answer questions as an individual or a group. When the quiz is finished, press the button to reveal the answers and see how much you've picked up. Feel free to try it more than once.


Real life from behind the knife

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These real life stories explain the background, the challenges of being involved in knife crime and the hard lessons learned when trying to move on.

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