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Nae Danger

Find out more about what it means to be a bystander. Use what you learn to make positive choices in tricky when someone you know is carrying a knife. Discover ways to stay safe whilst taking positive action.



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Nae Danger - The Bystander Approach

A bystander is a person who observes or knows about a situation, like if you see someone stealing something, or you know someone is carrying a knife. You know that the behaviour is unacceptable and could result in an injury...or even death. What would you do?

It's a difficult question to answer, as human instinct tells us to wait and see what others will do. However, once we know that we can become an 'active bystander'. Let's find out how...


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Nae Danger Quiz

A quiz about the 5 D's

Each quiz lets you answer questions as an individual or a group. When the quiz is finished, press the button to reveal the answers and see how much you've picked up. Feel free to try it more than once.


Real life from behind the knife

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These real life stories explain the background, the challenges of being involved in knife crime and the hard lessons learned when trying to move on.

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