Aces to Assets

View a video by James Docherty from Glasgow as he talks about the importance of seeing people with lived experience of violence as an asset.


James mentioned keys to breaking a cycle of addition for children. What are they? Do you believe that addiction is hereditary or do you believe that the cycle can be broken by having stronger attachement and nurturing for your children?


In the interview they talk about addiction being much more than substance abuse, or in the words of Gabor Mate an expert on addiction 'short term gratification with long-term consequences'. What addictions are you familiar with either for yourself or people you know that are dealing with addictions?


James asks why most of the 'Bookies' are in the most deprived parts of Scotland. Have you ever wondered about why that is?


James says that if a policy doesn't foster good relationships then it causes conflict which makes things worse for the people it is meant to be helping. What policy would you most like to change and why?


James argues that prison is much 'softer' than having to face up to your childhood trauma. If that is true what needs to change?


25 mins

James Docherty in this video shares his experience of turning his life around despite the many challenges he faced. He believes that seeing everyone as assets rather than problems can change the fate of many people either caught in a cycle of violence or on the brink. Watch the video and answer the questions. You are also welcome to view the link where Gabor Mate talks about the link between childhood trauma and addicition.