Zombie run!

A game to test out the bystander effect

Start by...

This is a version of 'Plants v Zombies'. Invite everyone to line up at one side of the room. Make sure there is space to cross the room safely and move furniture to the side if possible. Select a few members of the group to stand in the middle of the room. Each of them is a cactus, everyone else is a zombie.

Middle bit...

The zombies, in full zombie acting - arms stretched out, creepy face, just go for it mode - have to cross to the other side of the room, trying not to get pricked by a cactus. The cactii have to stay in one spot but can stretch as far as they can reach. Switch roles and increase the number of cactii to make it harder for zombies to cross...or is it?

End by...

Chat about what happened when there were more cactii. Did anyone think another cactus would catch the zombie? If they did, this is the bystander effect in action. When more people are there, you are more likely to think someone else will take action, so you don't act. By raising awareness of this effect, we can make a decision to counter it. Find out more in the presentation and other activities and discussions.

You will need...

- A clear space
- At least 8 people


10 mins





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